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I love the friendly atmosphere at Book Mtn.  They always know where to find the book I am looking for.  This is the kind of used book store my Dad used to take me to when I was a kid!  Book Mountain kindles a love for reading and books in children. - Kevin H.

If you can't find it anywhere else-Come to Book Mountain - Zephyr

Best book exchange ever!  Friendly and Knowledgeable help. - Clare L.

This store is like a treasure trove.  I never know what I'll find, and it's always exciting! - Jana O.

This is a great store for readers.  All the people in the store are helpful and good friends. - Calvin H.

I enjoy coming here to buy books to read - a great place to get books. - Lenna

I LOVE YOU! - S. Harrison

More books than any in our town.  Never know what your going to find.  Thanks for staying open. - D. Spiwak

Any given day, anything could be here so keep looking! - S. Cassil

A Paperback Exchange.  Well, I guess!  I sit beside Peggy's desk for the better part of three hours.  Every five minutes or so someone comes in with a grocery sack of books and picks out another dozen or so.  "That will be $3.57," Peggy says, makes a note and files it in her librarian's card file drawer, where she keeps meticulous track of exchanges.  Loyal?  You couldn't find a more dedicated, literate and loyal readership in all of Santa Fe. - Scott Oury

This was the best bookstore in Santa Fe even before Borders went under.  The books are in excellent condition and properly organized.  Credit on books brought in is always fair and readily given.  The large number of topics covered is remarkable.  I have found many books of interest there, some widely available, some obscure.  The staff are pleasant and helpful.  The customer's unused credit for books brought in is carefully maintained.  It is a great place to go no matter what your taste in books may be. I particularly like to browse the books in the metal turn-shelves since unusual and unique books (that I've often never heard of) are kept there.  Indeed, if you are not much of a reader, it is a great place to start as you can find something of interest at a very reasonable price.  People who think they don't like to read just haven't found the right book yet.  And it is much better than using the Internet as you can tell weight, print size and length easily, as well as read the mini-reviews and any part of the book you want. - Chris Hoving ,Los Alamos